Timber Hills Double-Reed Duck Calls


These beautiful Timber Hills Double-Reed Duck Calls produce that pure, raspy sound of a mallard hen without sacrificing the free bottom of a single reed.

Our Duck Calls come in a variety of wood finishes:

1. Lace Wood

Lace wood is very light wood which has a high finish on it with pearl like flecks in the wood. Makes excellent duck and slate turkey calls. Don’t leave home without one.

2. Myrtle Wood

Myrtle wood is a buckskin color wood when finished and has a beautiful finish on it. The sound is great with high rasps and loud quacks and high ball calls.

3. Zebra Wood

Zebra wood is a dark wood with dark stripes throughout the grain. Beautiful duck call finish on the wood. The wood is fairly dense in weight.

4. Blood Wood

Blood wood is a dark orange to reddish, light-grained wood. It finishes very nice. Makes an amazing sounding duck call. Great all-around wood for any call.

5. Wenge Wood

Wenge wood is a heavy, very dense wood. This wood takes some extra sanding but has a nice finish in the end and has deep rasps and calls.

6. Honey Locust Wood

Honey Locust is a light beige/brown colored wood grain. It has light colored lines in the grain. Finishes nicely to make a killer sounding duck call with great feeder calls and raspy quacks.

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