Outdoor Activities

Rifle Golf

Rifle Golf is the newest shooting sport that’s taking the country by storm. Tired of shooting at paper targets, or tin cans? Put your marksmanship skills to the test and see how you hold up against your friends by shooting a round of Rifle Golf.
If your target is a 12” Steel plate that is 500 yards away, how many shots will it take you to hit it? Will you shoot a three? A two? Maybe the coveted hole-in-one? Each Course is comprised of six “holes” to test your sniper-skills. Variations on game-play are sure to keep you coming back for more.

$40 per Person

Up to 6 Players | Scorecard Included

Must Supply Own Equipment
Rifle | Ammo | Eye & Ear Protection
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Other Shooting Activities

Skeet Shooting

$40 per Person

Includes 25 Clays | +$15 for Shotgun Shells
Shooting Range
Call for Price
Brand New Full Scale Pistol Range | Firearm Classes Available

ATV Ranch Tours


Our guides will take you and your family on a guided tour of the grounds. They will talk to you about the wagon train roads that are on the property and you can enjoy seeing the civil war walls and old homesteads. We can take you on a late night animal sighting trip where you can spotlight animals at night in the wild. There are many trips available depending on your family’s desires. Just ask and you may be surprised at what we can dish up for you.
Water & Trail Activities
Experience family fun at it’s best while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Endless adventure possibilities provide something for everyone when you stay with us at Timber Hills.

Kayaking | $20 per Kayak
Kayaks are available for your enjoyment on our big lake or our small lakes by our private cabins

Pontooning | $50 per Pontoon
Hotwood's Fishing & Trolling Motorized Pontoon Boats are available for your enjoyment on our big lake.
Hike our many trails surrounded by wildlife.

Nature Photography
If you are looking for nature shots you will not find a better place than Timber Hills Lake.

Relax on the Beach
The smaller lake has a beach front perfect for relaxing in the sun or swimming.

Roasting Marshmallows
Enjoy our famous Kansas Sunsets next to a cozy fire or from your cabin's balcony.